Membership Categories

Regular Membership ($140)

In order to join our Club, we ask that you:

- Own a Corvette;
- Attend two out of four consecutive regular meetings (so we get a chance to know you, and you us);
- Pay the annual fee;

Spousal Membership ($60)

- This classification is for the spouse or significant other of a Regular Member;
- Like a Regular Member, you must attend two out of four consecutive regular meetings;
- Pay the required membership fee;

Associate Membership ($60)

- For Corvette Owners who live beyond Edmonton and surrounding area and cannot attend regular meetings but would like to belong to an organized club.
- This entitles one to most of the benefits of a Regular Member, excluding the opportunity to vote.
- Associate Members must purchase tickets to the Club's Annual Awards Banquet.

Honourary Membership

- Membership that is bestowed by a majority vote upon individuals who have made a special contribution to Corvetting or the Club.

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